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Monday, 18 December 2017

How to Make Money Writing Instagram Sponsored Posts [Easiest Method]

Back in 2010 when Instagram started, it had about a million registered users of which some of them were not active.

By October 31, 2011 it had some 12 million registered users of which some are also inactive.

And back then, Instagram was just a social photo-sharing platform that opened it shutters to iPhone users.

But today, Instagram has undergone a tremendous growth in all aspect.

By September, 2017 it had some 800 million monthly and 500 million daily active users according to TechCrunch.

Instagram is no longer that photo-sharing platform it used to be.

Make Money Writing Instagram Sponsored Posts

Instagram Sponsored Posts

You can now make lots and lots of money with Instagram especially while doing Instagram sponsored post which I am going to teach you today.

You will learn how to make money by sponsoring brands on Instagram even with a few thousand followers.

The Kardashians' are being paid up to ten figures by brands just to sponsor a post.

Yes! Influencers that have great amount of followers don't need to go looking for brands to work with because brands will contact them themselves.

But what about those who are not able to get even 5,000 followers?

They too can make money doing Instagram sponsored post. But this time they will be the ones to go out looking for brands to work with and not the other way round.

How To Find Brands To Work With

Finding brands to work with can be as easy as reaching out to them directly using the contact forms on their websites or going to  their physical office.

Very easy!!

But there are some platforms that can link you up with brands to work with.

These platforms are called influencers market-places and they can really help you meet up with brands who will work with you no matter your audience size (number of followers).

Who Is An Influencer?
What makes an influencer is not the size if his followers but how willing the little followers he has are to do whatever he asks them to do.

Let's say I have 100,000 followers and I promote a product about weight loss to my followers an at the end, only 1,000 gets to purchase the product. I am not an influencer.

But let's say I have 5,000 followers and I promote that same product to my followers and 3,500 people gets to buy it. Hell Yes! I am an influencer.

Know you see that you can become an influencer even with less followers and still make money sponsoring brands on Instagram and I am going to show you some listing sites that can help you increase your chances of getting a brand to work with.

List Of Listing Sites

Fohr Card: Fohr Card is meant to bring two groups of people together and you already know who and who - brands and influencers.

When you register you have to connect your social platform profiles to form an influencers card which will bear your different profiles.

You can also access list of brands and their wants and that way you can reach out to the brand or they reach out to you.

GrapeVine: It is actually meant for influencers who have 5000 or more Instagram followers.

You will list yourself in the marketplace and wait for brands who needs you to contact you.

ShoutCart: You list yourself in the marketplace with the number of followers you have and how much you charge then wait for brands to come to you.

There are many other listing sites on the net but these three are the most trusted and mist reliable (at least for me).

 How to Know How to Charge Brands

One problem we often face is not knowing the value to place on services we render.

When you don't know how much to charge you might end up getting the job but charging lower than you should or loosing the job because you gave a high price.

Most times Instagram sponsored posts are not limited to posts alone but can include videos, and most times you are the one to create the video.

Most Instagram sponsored posts are just single posts and most times it may involve working with brands for a longer period of time.

Whichever your case, always know your ability.

Charge according to your ability.

You are not just sponsoring a post but also you're a kind of giving the brands access to your followers and if you know the price worth it, charge them that price.

Do not take your price too high and neither should you take it too low.

Keep it within the range of $100 - $500 depending on your audience size and loyalty.

And there is no harm in asking other influencers how much they charge.

Optimizing Your Instagram Sponsored Post

Most times you promote a product and you generate less sales although you have a large audience.

Your problem is that you don't optimize your posts.

I have a solution I call "THE" which can actually help you optimize your Instagram post if you are sponsoring a brand.

THE simply stands for: Transparent, Hashtag, Easy.

Be Transparent
Do not try to deceive your followers. Let them know you are paid to promote a product or a brand. When sponsoring a post always let them know that the post is sponsored. Doing so increases sales by 65%.

Use Hashtags
If you read my previous post about advanced Twitter tips, you will find out that hashtags are really important.

Hashtags are used in grouping and categorizing ideas, posts and conversations.

All you have to do is include the appropriate hashtags in your posts and even those who are not in your followers list might even get to see the post when they make a search on Instagram.

Make Purchasing Easy
Adding shoppable links to your Instagram bio can also be of great help. You can use an Instagram selling tool like

You can also do the following

  • Post at appropriate times.
  • Apply right filters.
  • Promote your post on other social platforms.

By following the instructions above, you can really add value to what a brand you in exchange for sales.

You have to upgrade your knowledge on what you take Instagram for.

Instagram is no longer that photo-sharing platform that it used to be. You can actually make money on Instagram writing sponsored posts and promoting brands.

Just reach out to the brands and offer to promote them.

Use listing sites to get noticed and make sure you give brands what they need by optimizing Instagram posts to drive sales because that makes you an influencer.

Have you stepped up on your view of Instagram? Does Instagram generate money for you? Have you ever heard of Instagram sponsored post?

Use the comment box below to tell me about it. Do not fail to let your friends about it using the share buttons below.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Advanced Twitter Tips You Can Use to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Apart from search engine, social media a good source of quality traffic for some blogs.

One of popular social media sites is Twitter.

Twitter has been a top-notch source of traffic for many while on the other hand many has not been successful with Twitter.

So why the diversity? Why do some succeed and some fail at using Twitter as a source of traffic.

One major reason is: The many who succeed make use of some advanced twitter strategies that help the drive massive traffic to their blog while the rest that are not too successful Twitter do not.

So what are these advanced strategies?

One sure thing you've got to do for me is grab a cup of coffee and read along because I will discuss at length the exact strategies I use(d) to skyrocket my traffic.

You could even get these strategies sent straight to your inbox. All you have to do is click here to join our email list (endeavour to check your inbox for a verification link after signup).

But before I drop the strategies, permit me to show you how to sign up for Twitter (for those who don't know yet).

Signing up for Twitter
This is very necessary because before you use Twitter to drive traffic to your blog you must own a Twitter handle already.

Step #1: Get a computer or a mobile phone that is able to access the internet.

Step #2: Head over to, locate and click on the "sign up" button or better still move to

Step #3: Input your full name, phone number and password (if you'd like to substitute your phone number with your email then move to the button of the sign up page and click on "use email instead").

Step #4: Click "Sign up for Twitter."

Step #5: Select a username

Step #6: Click "create my account".

Now you are through with the sign up (for those who really needed it) let's move over to Twitter practices and tips that will help you skyrocket your traffic.

Remember that the first thing to do after signing up for Twitter is to  get followers for yourself because without followers, these tips won't work.

But getting followers seem (or really is) daunting and this has made many to quit after a long wait.

I only have a staggering half a thousand followers (because it's not been long I started) yet it converts into sales, revenues and most importantly, traffic because they're targeted followers.

So when you are looking for followers, only go for those that are  in the same niche with you so that your followers can convert.

Advanced Twitter Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Traffic

Advanced twitter tips for traffic

The following tips has really been helpful when it comes to using to Twitter to boost my traffic.

Polished Profile

You really need to polish your profile to enable you welcome followers. You only have 140 characters to write in your bio section and it is more than enough to explain what you (or your blog) represent especially when used wisely.

Note: Twitter now allows you to write 280 characters.

Remember to use a very good and bright profile picture with your eyes looking straight into the lens of the camera. And if its your blog's twitter handle, you may want to use your blog logo as the profile picture.

Follow First

It works like magic when you take the initiative when it comes to following. You should be the one to follow others first and only then can they learn of you and eventually return the favour.

Follow Back

Following back your followers doesn't seem to make sense to you right? Well it does make a lot of sense. It works when it comes to retaining your followers because most people will follow just to get followed by you and when you don't return that favour, they unfollow.

Embed Twitter Buttons on Your Blog

Most people would want to reach out to you after reading your awesome post and the shortcut to getting in touch with you is via the social buttons on your blog. This way you get more followers who will also read your future blog post through a Twitter notification.

Embed Twitter Share Button

This works like the former. Loyal readers who loved your blog post would actually want to recommend it to their followers on  Twitter. Having a Twitter share button on your blog would make it pretty easy for them to share and that which will give you exposure, more followers and more traffic.

Tweet And Retweet

When a blog post interests you, tweet that post! The blogger would understand that you are interested in what he and his blog has to offer and he'd likely want to return the favour. Retweeting tweets would also present such golden opportunity.

Ask For Tweets And Retweets

Never underrate the power of asking. But don't make it so obvious that you are asking for a tweet or a retweet. What I do is that I ask blog post readers to share with friends and it's been working for me.

You can use hastags like: "#RT, #rt, #Retweet" when tweeting to let them know that you need a retweet.

Participate in Twitter Chats

Participating in Twitter chats can also go a long way in bringing you followers and traffic. While participating, endeavour to be a donor and not a recipient.

You should make contributions, offers helps and solutions, act like you are an expert in your field (even if you're not).

My Little Story
ShoutMeLoud recently started a Twitter chat which holds every Saturday by 7PM IST and on every Saturday I participate in the chat, I get not less than 10 followers because the way I answer questions and offer help makes it seem as if I am an expert. (But am I?)

Make Use of Pictures

Making us of pictures has lots of benefits. With pictures you can bypass Twitter's 140 characters policy (now 280 characters).

With pictures your tweets tends to convert more. Pictures say more than a million words so using pictures would let you say more than 140 characters (now 280 characters) that would even bring you more traffic.

Tweet Regularly

Your followers didn't follow you just to enlarge the number of those they are following. They followed you to know what you can offer. So when you offer nothing, they unfollow you. Make sure you tweet at least once everyday to keep you very active.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags like keywords are really awesome. Twitter users would always search for hashtags just as Google users would search for keywords. So make sure you use hashtags relevant to your tweet because it will get you visibility from Twitter's search engine.

Never Tweet at Odd Times

If you tweet at night, by morning lots of tweets would have been published thus sending your tweet to the bottom. Tweet when your followers are active.

Note the country you target and also note their timezone to help you determine whether they are seeing your tweet at night or in the morning.

Use Twitter Analytics

This is my favorite Twitter tool and I highly recommend it to you.

Twitter analytics would help you know the kind of people that follow you, their interests, their gender, etc. This will help you know your tweets that will convert more.

It will also help you know what kind of tweets to post.

 Assuming your followers are more interested in parenting and are females then you should be tweeting about how to be a good  mom, how a stay at home mom can make money, etc.

Twitter Analytics will also show you the tweets that got more reaches and engagements, and the kind of CTA's you used for them. This will enable you know the tweeting strategy to scrap, the ones to improve on, and the ones to keep doing.

If you are still a Twitter newbie, I really suggest you try this tool because you're going to love it. You can access Twitter Analytics from here.


What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

Twitter has worked for a lot of people when it comes to skyrocketing their blog traffic and it can also work for you.

Don't be a lazy blogger. Work hard and work smartly.

Prosper Noah said that a smart blogger is one who reads and acts on what he read.

Do make sure you put into practice what you read today and you will see yourself being able to drive traffic to your blog using Twitter.

Do you have any misconception? Did you not understand this post? How have you been able to use Twitter to drive traffic to your blog?

Use the comment box below to express your thoughts.

Do not forget to share with friends on social media.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

5+1 Adsense Alternatives That Actually Pay

Adsense Alternatives

Starting a blog is very easy compared to growing a blog till it starts generating revenue.

Starting a blog can be as simple a heading straight to, signing up, then creating your free blog. or purchasing a domain name and a hosting plan then installing WordPress.

If you have not started your own blog yet, I recommend you read this too good to be free article that will show you how you can start a free blog on blogger.

Assuming you read that article thoroughly, you will find out that I stated a few reasons why people start a blog.

For sake of emphasis, here are the few reasons:
  • To make money
  • To promote their businesses
  • To showoff their passion
If you are reading this article (of course you are!) I assume you fall into the first category - to make money.

Many bloggers have taken their precious time to write articles to help you and I to earn a few bucks through blogging. One of such bloggers is Awogor Matthew of Review Net who has written many blog posts to help you and I make money online. Thanks to him though!

A handful of bloggers believe that one needs to start his blog, signup for AdSense, then make a whole lot of money. But sorry to disappoint you, its not as easy as that. Only those who can understand can indeed understand.

If you really want to pay your bill through blogging you must be ready to disown yourself (just kidding though). What I am trying to say is that you have to work very hard to grow your blog. Work on your traffic, SEO, build social media followers and try to build network with fellow bloggers in your niche. With that I Think chances of making money via AdSense will increase.

But quote me right! I didn't dispel the idea of making huge money using AdSense.

Lately,  AdSense policies has become to difficult to abide by. Nowadays an average blogger merely gets an approval. Worst of all bloggers from African and Asia.

In fact I experienced this problem. Throughout the first year of my blogging career AdSense kept disapproving my request to become a publisher and it pained me to the extent that I wanted to quit. But why did I want to quit? For one reason, I delved into blogging because I wanted to make money. But on the long run I grew so passionate about blogging. I would love to share my story as a blogger pretty soon. (you could interview me. LOL!)

Because of what I  experienced, I went looking for an alternative to AdSense which could also help me make money.

But are there working AdSense alternatives? keep reading!

I began to run a test and I call this test the "trial and error" test. I met all sorts of things wile running this test. I recall an AD network that promised it publishers $10 for a referral and another $10 sign up bonus with a minimum payout threshold of $50.

I tried it and it did not take me time to generate several referrals which ran into hundreds of dollars then I requested for payment but their company is still reviewing my request up till this moment (funny huh?).

To save you the stress of falling into the same trap I fell into, I have compiled a comprehensive list of top 5 AdSense alternatives that actually pay.


5 AdSense Alternatives That Pay


#1 is the second biggest AD network by revenue which compromises of over 800 employees who want to develop innovative monetization products for digital publishers.

They have offline offices scattered across New York, Mumbai, Dubai, Los Angeles.

And top companies like Forbes, NY Daily News, Yahoo and
Reuters use their publisher network.

  • Traffic minimum: None
  • Publisher primary language: English
  • Prohibited contents: Adult, gambling, racism, fake products, hacking, drug abuse, tobacco and alcohol use.
  • Payment method: Wire transfer or PayPal
  • Minimum payout: $100
Sign up Now!

#2 Revenue Hits

Revenue hits runs a unique performance based (CPA) ad network which let's it's publishers generate more revenue.

You can use their ad network to monetize your blog, website, widgets, searches etc.

  • Traffic minimum: None
  • Publisher primary language: None
  • Prohibited contents: +18 contents, sales of illegal firearms.
  • Payment method: PayPal, Payoneer, wire transfer.
  • Minimum payout: $29(PayPal/Payoneer), $509 Wire
Sign up Now!

#3 Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is an affiliate network founded in 1996 and today is one of the largest affiliate networks that has over 1.6 billion sellers and affiliate members running into hundreds of thousands.

My good friend Prosperity Kenneth wrote a detailed post to help you get started with Amazon affiliate network.

  • Traffic minimum: None
  • Publisher primary language: None
  • Prohibited contents: Sexually explicit contents, violent contents, declamatory contents, racialistic contents.
  • Payment method: Amazon gift card, check, direct deposit.
  • Minimum payout: $10
Sign up Now!

#4 Infolinks

Infolinks is another good AD network that combat the end-users banner blindness to display less prevalent AD units that blends with site contents.

  • Traffic minimum: None
  • Publisher primary language: None
  • Prohibited contents: Ponography, violent contents, hate speech.
  • Payment method: eCheck, wire, PayPal, Payoneer, western union, ACH.
  • Minimum payout: $50
Sign up Now!

#5 Taboola

Taboola is one of the top sponsored contents network. They
work with top quality publishers such as Eurosport, Business Insider, Stroer, MSN, USA Today and many more.


  • Minimum traffic: 500,000 monthly pageviews
  • Publisher primary language: NoneP
  • Prohibited contents: None
  • Payment method: Payoneer
  • Minimum payout: Unknown
Sign up Now!

Bonus pack

MGID is a native advertising network for both advertisers and publishers. Publishers are given the opportunity to monetize their traffic by displaying advertisement or by recirculating visitors.


  • Minimum traffic: None
  • Publisher primary language: English though other languages are considered.
  • Prohibited contents: Adult contents, declamatory contents, abusive or illegal contents about hate speech.
  • Payment method: PayPal, bank Eire transfer
  • Minimum payout: $100
Sign up Now!



AdSense is not the only advertising network one can use in
monetizing his/her blog. You can make money with affiliate
marketing, selling advert space on your blog or by signing up for other good and paying AdSense alternatives like the ones contained in the list above.

All you need to do now is give them a try to see the one that works for you.

Your Turn

I have taken my time to make a comprehensive list of best
paying AdSense alternatives and I know that these might not really be the best for you.

You are free to let me know which AdSense alternative you prefer and why.

Make sure you share with friends who want to increase their revenue.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

5 Tips to Build Your Blogging Network

Build Blogging Network

Building blogging network is very essential if you must grow your blog.

It is always said that starting a blog is less stressful compared to growing a blog.

Sometimes people get stuck at even what to do next after buying a domain name hence the question: I bought a domain now what? should be considered.

Since building blogging blogging network is a good way of growing a blog, I know what would be running
through your mind. - How to build blogging network.

Do not let that issue bother you because this post has got you covered. In fact it is a post written by a guest blogger who has impacted many lives today.

5 Tips to Build Your Blogging Network

 You don’t get connected.

You connect yourself to other bloggers by generously serving other people.

I regularly receive requests from bloggers asking if I can feature them on sites like Forbes or Entrepreneur or The Huffington Post.

My best advice? Help people.

If you want to become a better blogging networker master the art of making friends through offering kind service.

Follow these 5 tips to become a connected blogger.

#1 Comment Effectively on Top Blogs from Your Niche

Publish 3-4 paragraph, in-depth comments on top blogs from your niche.

Become a better blogging networker by being visible.

I have been featured on:

….largely through the power of effective blog commenting.

I write a thorough comment, addressing my fellow blogger by name, expounding on a point made in the post and signing off with my name, thanking the blogger.

Publishing robust comments helps you to befriend respected bloggers in your niche and also inspires some of their readers to follow your link back to your blog.

#2 Promote *Other* Bloggers Via Social Media

Note: promote “other” bloggers.

Have you noticed how some bloggers seem to blog in a cyber cave?

These folks try to paste their link in as many spots as possible, struggling terribly to drive traffic and profits because few readers like someone who talks about themselves all day long.

If you promote other bloggers on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn you will befriend these bloggers who then promote you to their networks.

Win-win, eh?

Be generous with your social media accounts. Shout out fellow bloggers. Some will appreciate the promotion love, shouting you out on their social media sites and through their blog.

One easy way to become a blogging networking machine is by tapping the Retweet or Facebook Share button. This takes a second to do but the returns are immense.

#3 Feature Bloggers on Your Blog

Networking dynamos blog generously.

I regularly feature other bloggers on my blog via mentions and short features.

Doing so builds new bonds and strengthens old friendships both.

Featuring bloggers on your blog can include:

  • Accepting guest posts from bloggers
  • Mentioning bloggers via short snippets
  • Interviewing bloggers via text or through podcasts or videos

Make blogging buddies left and right.

Mention successful bloggers.

Get connected.

#4 Guest Post

Guest post on top blogs from your niche.

Build your blogger friend network.

Practice writing 1000 words daily in a Word document. Trash the document after you hit your 1K a day.

Following this habit helps you develop confidence and clarity in your writing which leads to more guest post opportunities.

Guest posting is a friendship-building, not a link building, strategy.

By persistently guest posting on high profile, niche specific blogs you can form friendships with many top bloggers in your niche.

#5 Engage Bloggers Freely on Social Media

Engage bloggers freely on social media.

Lay the foundation for building your blogging buddy network.

Connected bloggers respond to fellow bloggers frequently, in a timely fashion.

Answer emails within 24 hours.

Stop by your social media sites at least 1-2 times daily. Engage Facebook friends. Respond to your retweeters. Check messages.

Skilled networkers never fall asleep at the social media wheel.

Convey a professional blogging and brand image.

Chat with fellow bloggers regularly on social media to strengthen bonds.

Your Turn

How are you becoming a better blogging networker?

What tips can you add to this list?

About the Author

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. Ryan can help you build a successful blog at Blogging From Paradise.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Definitive Guide To Getting Dofollow Backlink From Facebook

Facebook dofollow backlink
Are you an internet marketer? Do you own an ecormerce website? Are you a blogger? No matter the category you fall into you should know how important SEO is.

And it should be nothing new to you that back links are the most important in offpage SEO.

Proper SEO practice would drive more sales, more exposure, more followers and increase in organic traffic.

I guest you must have known a few things about SEO and link building.

But in case you do not have any knowledge about the two, I will still highlight what SEO is and what link building is. All you need to do is keep reading.

Introduction to SEO

For you to understand that acronym very well, you need to
understand its full meaning first.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Now you have known its full meaning and you can break it into
Search Engine Optimization.

We are going to define the two words one after the other to get to know what SEO really is.

Search Engine

Search engine is a software designed to search the World Wide with a word or set of words called keyword(s) to bring out information presented in a line of results which are known as
Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).


The word optimization means making the best or most effective use of a resource.

So what then is SEO?

With the above definitions of Search Engine and Optimization, you will notice that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means making the best or most effective use of your website or your blog to
allow it on search engine when a keyword(s) relevant to your website/blog is/are searched.

Now you know what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is. But remember I told you earlier that backlink is the backbone of off-page SEO.

You might be wondering what I mean by the term "off-page SEO".

If you are, here's the answer: Off-page SEO simply means SEO done outside your website.

Having known that,

What is backlink?

That pretty question must have hit your mind this moment I guess. Well, it's nothing too tough. Simply put, backlinks are incoming hyperlink from a webpage to another website.

Backlinks are divided into
  • Dofollow
  • Nofollow

What are the importance of backlinks?

Another right question thrown at the right time. I had newbies in mind when writing this article. So I will outline the importance of backlinks to SEO
  • More Traffic: Backlinks, whether dofollow or nofollow, brings traffic to your blog or website from the sites referring you. (Sites giving you backlinks)
  • Faster Indexing: When you have enough quality (Not quantity) backlinks, search engine bots would easily recognize new links on your site and easily crawl your site.
  • Improves Organic Ranking: I saved the best for the last. When your blog has quality backlinks your search engine ranking tend to improve.

I have covered SEO, backlinks, and their inportance to a site.

Let's go over to why you should seek a backlink from Facebook. But before we go straight to it I will like to highlight a few stats about Facebook and bet me by the time I am done, you will know why you should seek a dofollow backlink from Facebook.


Facebook Stats is one of the worlds most popular website. It has over a billion users and if it were to be a  country it would be the third largest country in the world.

  • It has an Alexa rank of 3 globally and 3 also in united states
  • It has 1.32 billion daily active users on average
  • It has 2.01 billion monthly active users on average.
  • Facebook also has 7.6 million backlinks
  • Facebook has a Page Rank 9
  • Facebook has a domain authority of 100

A website that has such statistics is indeed a quality website where you should work hard to get a backlink from.

Didn't I tell you? By the time I am through with writing down the stats of Facebook you'd understand why you should seek a backlink from Facebook.

Lets head straight to the real deal.


How to Get Backlink from Facebook PR9

Follow each and every step outlined in this tutorial religiously.
  • Step1

    Log in to Facebook using your username (email) and password.
  • Step2 

    Create a new page. But if you have one already then you are good to go.
  • Step4 

    Now select a page from the Facebook pages you already have and click on "Add Tab".
  • Step5 

    If you did the previous step correctly you'd be redirected to the Facebook page and all you need to do is click on " Setup Tab".
  • Step6 

    You will now see an option to add HTML code. Now delete all text from Index.HTML and replace with the code below.
  <h2><a href="http://bloggers" title="BloggersJoint • Blogging Tips & Tricks For All Bloggers target="_blank" rel="dofollow">BloggersJoint</a></h2>

Now you need to do some modifications.
  • Replace "BloggersJoint • Blogging Tips & Tricks For All " with the title if your website/blog.
  • Replace "BloggersJoint" with the name of your website/blog.

  • Step7 

    After pasting the code and modifying it, you must click on "Save and Publish".

Now open your Facebook page and head straight to the " Welcome Tab". There you will find your dofollow link. And you can practice over and over again to get your desired amount of backlink from Facebook.



Backlinks are very necessary because off-page SEO depend solely on link building. And while building links you should focus more on quality backlinks than on quantity. Facebook is one of those sites that have the quality to give you a quality dofollow backlink.

In time to come I would be writing more about SEO. Topics I know you'd love. So why don't you subscribe to our newsletter while you await those precious articles? Click here to subscribe.

While you are subscribing, you could use the comment box below to yell me where you are having or not having problem in this tutorials.

And do not forget to make use of the share buttons below to let your friends know.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Move To HTTPS On Blogger With Custom Domain

Https blogger with custom domain

Everybody is leaving HTTP behind for HTTPS because of its secure connection.

WordPress users finds it very easy to do so because there is a plugin to help them do that perfectly.

While blogger blogs has been left behind.

What Is HTTPS?

HTTPS is an acronym for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure and from that full meaning, you can agree with me that it is a secure encryption that prevents black hat hackers from getting information's like credit card informations, email address or other personal information's when input in a website like especially when you want to bank or shop online.

Benefits of HTTPS

  • Increases SERPs: Google has officially announced that HTTPS enablers sites are more preferred by then and so half of Google first page result are HTTPs.
  • Increases CTR: one thing is to get on the first page and another this is to increase your CTR. So internet inclined users would likely click on websites they know can give them protection.
  • Gives your blog a professional look: When you access Facebook or Twitter any top website, you will see a green padlock in the address bar. It would also be an honour if yours us made to be like that.
  • Increases the speed of your website

Now you have seen why you should really move to HTTPS. And first of all, for those who don't know, I will outline how to enable HTTPS on free domain with extension.

Enable HTTPS On Blogger Free Domain

I wonder why you have not enabled HTTPS on your free domain yet. It is as simple as ABC...
Just follow the instruction below and withing two minutes you are done.

  1. Login to blogger dashboard
  2. Click on settings
  3. Click on basic
  4. HTTPS Redirect
  5. Yes

You are now done. You have successfully enabled HTTPS on your blogger free domain blog.

But did you know? That option is not available for those using custom domain name on blogger? So that has made it difficult to move to HTTPS if you are using custom domain name.

Since blogger does not support HTTPS on custom domain name, we will employ a third party to help us do so. It is called CloudFlare.

What is CloudFlare

CloudFlare is a company that provides content delivery, internet security and distributed domain name server. It is a mediator between the visitor and and the CloudFlare user's hosting provider.

That is to say that CloudFlare collects your contents from your hosting provider, then sends it faster and in a more secure way to your blog visitors.

Now that you have known what we are going to use (CloudFlare) and what it is let's move straight to business.

Moving To HTTPS On Custom Domain Blogger Blog

This is where our journey starts. And please note that one its not done the right way as stated in this tutorial, you might loose your blog. I tried this three times before I was able to Set it up.

If you think you can't handle it then I want you to know that I am free to help you out just for a token. Just visit my Contact page to see how to reach me or send me an email.

Sign up For CloudFlare

All you need to do here is visit then you sign up with your email and password as seen in the image below.
Sign up for cloudflare

Add Your Website To CloudFlare

After sign up on CloudFlare, the next thing to do is to add your website to CloudFlare using the www. prefix as seen in the image below then click scan DNS.
Add you website to cloudflare

Then wait for a few seconds till the countdown gets to zero then click "continue".

Verify DNS

Once you click "continue", your DNS records would be shown to you for verification. Most times the records are correct but you'd want to check for verification purposes after which you click "continue"

Choose CloudFlare Plan

CloudFlare plan ranges from a free plan that costs $0 for life to pro which costs $20/month then to Business which costs $200/month the to enterprise which costs $5000/month.
Don't worry, choose "free website". That plan will be more than enough. Then click " continue".

Replace Nameservers

CloudFlare wants you to replace your nameserver given to you by your domain registrar with the one they (CloudFlare) will generate for you.

This now depends on the domain registrar you are using. This tutorial is based on Godaddy though all domain registrars work alike.

Changing Nameserver On Godaddy

Visit and sign in with your username and password

Go to my products and click on the domain name you want to change it's name server

Go to DNS management then click on Nameserver then on change

To choose your Nameserver type select default

Then replace with the Nameserver given to you by CloudFlare.

Activate Free HTTPS

Now your blog is close to been HTTPS encrypted.

All you need to do is scroll up then click "Crypto" and move to the SSL section and you should see "Full" by your right. Click on "Full" and change it to "Flexible".

You are 10% away from being done. All you need to do now is to create page rules.

Create Page Rules For Redirection

We need to activate page rules to redirect your blog pages from HTTP to HTTPS.

Go to " Page Rules" tab when you scroll to the top and click "Create Page Rule".

You need to create 3 page rules for the redirection to be complete and anything more than three, you are moving out from free plan. But the 3 Page rules will be OK.

First Page Rule

In the first text area (if the URL matches...)
write http://**

In the second text area (Then the settings are)
Select " Always Use HTTPS"
First page rule on cloudflare

Second Page

If the URL matches :*

Then the settings are: select "Forwarding URL" and 301 - permanent Redirect.

Then the last text area write$1
Second page rule on cloudflare

Third Page Rule

If the URL matches:*

Then the settings are: select "Forwarding URL" and 301 - permanent Redirect

The the last text area write$1
Third page rule on cloudflare

Note: replace with the URL of your blogger blog.

Changing Security Options

Options Like I said earlier, CloudFlare offers your website security and prevent corrupt bots from gaining access to your website. But I bet you wouldn't want it to block anyone who wants to access your website. Hence, changing security options is recommended.

To change your security option, all you need to do is scroll up and locate  "Firewall" then on the security level tab click "Medium" then change it to "Low".

It should be ready by now. But if it dosent, before complaining, waith for at least 24 hours for the Nameserver to propagate fully.

Battling With Mixed Content?

Nothing good comes easy! So my dad said. So while changing to HTTPS from HTTP on your blogger blog you might experience some hitches called mixed content. Don't get scared about what you just heard because there must be a solution to everything. But before I point the solution to this problem, I will like to tell you more about mixed content.

What Is Mixed Content?

Mixed content occurs when an initial HTML is loaded over a secure HTTPS connection. 

How Do I Identify Mixed Contents?

If you ain't a savvy, it might be too difficult to identify mixed content on your website. Not as is it is too hard. LOL!😂😂

So to help you identify mixed content on your website, here are two things to do
  • Open a browser, type in the URL of your blog in the address bar using the https prefix. You will notice a padlock beside the address bar while its still loading. After loading, if you see a warning triangle encircling thatpadlock, then your blog is suffering from mixed content.

  • Visit your blog in a Chrome browser with the https prefix, press Ctrl + Shift + J on your keyboard then look for mixed content errors. If you find any, you need to work on your blog.
How To Fix Mixed Content

  • Log in to blogger dashboard
  • Click on "Theme" in the sidebar
  • Backup your Theme in case of mistakes
  • Click on edit HTML
  • The on your PC keyboard click Ctrl + f
  • Then search for http
  • You will see so many results
  • Change all http to https and save
That should solve the problem but if it doesn't, you may want to remove all gadgets and add them again.

What's next??
After moving to HTTPS on booger block with custom domain you need to do the few things below

  • Submit HTTPS version o your blog to google search console
  • Update your robot.txt

Https is very necessary because it proves to your blog readers that your blog is very secure for them to surf. It also helps you appear on SERPs as Google has made it a ranking factor. 

If you are having any problem moving your blogger blog to HTTPS  you should not forget to use the comment box below to inform me.

And do not forget to share this post with all bloggers on the blogger platform.

Friday, 18 August 2017

How To Create A Free Blog On Blogger Within Minutes

free bloggerblog

So many people have been jumping from one place to another, reading one book or the other, reading ebooks one after another and some even paying people just to get a blog.

Are you one of such people who need a blog? Well, jump no
more. Today I am going to teach you all that is required when creating a blog to help you create your own blog.

What Is A Blog?

This question has been on your mind huh? Here is the answer: a blog is a website or online journal that is frequently updated. It is normal owned by just a person or a small group of people. It is used to express ideas and opinions. Most Reasons Why People Become Bloggers.

Blog owners are called bloggers and below are the three most important reasons why people become bloggers.

  • To make money: a whole lot of people ventured into blogging just to make money.
  • To promote there businesses: others just create a blog just to promote the business they already have offline.
  • To show off their passion: only a few become bloggers for this reason, just to do what they like doing. They didn't come to make money. These ones are called passionate bloggers.

Popular Blogging Platforms

The one I am going to talk about today is Blogger.

What Is Blogger

Blogger is a blogging platform owned by Google inc. It allows you start your own blog free of charge. Your images would be hosted by Pisca which is also owned by Google.

How Much Will I Pay Blogger?

Like I said earlier, creating your blog on Blogger Is free of
charge. Blogger will charge you nothing for a start and never will it charge you forever. It is free for life. You will only spend money on subscription to enable you browse the net.

Starting Your Free Blogger Blog

Now you have known what a blog is. We are now going over to how to start your new blog. But you can't just jump into blogging. You first have to sit down and think over and over.
Thinking before blogging
Think over and over before starting a blog

Blogging Niche

This is the category you want your blog to fall in. It could be entertainment, technology, news, reviews, celebrity gist, cooking, making money and so many others.
One thing to help you choose a good niche for yourself is to remain original. You may have seen that Mr. A is succeeding in technology niche and you'd want to join him. No! That's not it. Try it and you will fail woefully.

To choose a niche, look for the things you have passion
for. The things you know how to do best. If you can cook very well, start up a cooking blog and bring out the best in you. If you can gossip and can listen to gossips, entertainment would be OK for you. That's how its done.

Have you made up your mind on a niche? no, contact me on Facebook I will help you out. If yes, then continue reading.

Now Get A Google Account

This is not hard. Wondering what a google account is? Just go to then signup using your

  • First name
  • Last name, 
  • Desired email address, 
  • Phone number 
  • Country.
google accounts

Then click on signup. A confirmation code will be sent to your phone via SMS. Copy that code and paste in the "confirm number" area. Yeah! You now have a Google account and since your Google account is ready, you are good to go.

Now visit and click on "Sign in". You are now on your way to getting your free Blogger blog.

Now you have to login using your google account details. That's your email address ([email protected]) and your password (********). Once you're logged in, you will be asked to choose a profile you'd want to use. I recommend Google plus profile so choose it and continue.

"Create New Blog". Click on it.

Your Blog Name

Once that tab opens, you will find two text areas, the first is where you should put your blog name. Don't use your name there. Rather look for a name that well represents what you want to blog about.

Your Blog Address

Everybody has a home address and so does your blog. The home address of this blog you are reading now is But since you're just starting, your address will be in this format: where blog name is the name you have given to your blog.

Choose Themes

You are on your own here. The theme to choose does not concern me. Rather it is what you think appeals to your eye and to your blog readers. But I recommend a few themes like Emporior, Contempo, Notable. The theme can be changed anytime you want. So choose one first. Latter you can visit to choose a theme you like. If you like BloggersJoint's theme it will cost you just $10 to get it. Just send me a mail via [email protected]

So when you have chosen a theme, click on "Create Blog". You now have a blog.

But wait! There few more things you should do to customize your blog. Like making it visible to search engines, writing a description for it and adding a logo to your new blog.


Make Your Blog Visible To Search Engine

Goto settings > basic > privacy> listed on blogger. Visible to search engine> edit. Then select yes for the two questions as seen in the image below.

Write Your Blog's Title and Description

To write the title of your blog, Go to setting > basic> title> edit. Then write the title of your blog.
Then to write the description, follow the same terrain. Go to setting > basic> description> edit. Then write the description of your blog.

Blogger description

Add Logo to Your Blog

Goto >  layout. That is where you find the layout of your blog. You'll see " Header", click edit, click then click on "browse" to upload from your computer or phone.
You're now done!

blogger logo

 Start Publishing On Your Blog

Locate "New Post" at the top left of your screen. Then you can start writing articles and publishing them.

I also recommend you create pages first like the About and
Contact page for people to know know about you and how to contact you.

Your blog is set. Announce to friends and relatives and use your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Digg, StumbleUpon to advertise your blog. If you wish to change your blog from to just click here to subscribe to our newsletter because I will it publish soon.

You can also like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to get more blogging updates.

If you are having any problem creating your blogspot blog, use the comment box below to inform me. Check the box next to "Notify me of new comments" to know when I will reply your comment.

Do share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and do have a nice day!